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We can't do it all. And I really hope I've not pulled the wool over anyone's eyes. Momtrends is a women-centric brand that has been built with slow, steady focus and lots of sacrifice. Most days you'll find me striving towards our many short term goals (like getting that gift guide done or amassing 15,000 pinterest followers). I'm also busy setting my sites on creating a visionary company with a BIG future (did you know we've got a new launch coming in 2015!). Yep, I'm busy and I'm driven. What I'm not? Reflective. Every now and then, I get to come up for air and take a look around. And it's a treat.

One of those rare moments came up when CAbi's President and Chief Culture Officer, Kimberly Inskeep, invited me to join in her "Women on Purpose" series. We sat down for several hours in LA to talk about women in business. The resulting interview makes me so, so proud. Kimberly was and IS incredibly generous with her time and vision--I tried to soak up her energy and tips for brand building while also sharing my story. It was a win-win!

Watch the video that was just featured on Huffington Post:

If you don't already know CAbi (a fashion brand that has been a favorite for years) you can check out this

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Read more about the Kimberly's passion for mentoring and inspiring women to be entrepreneurs here www.cabionline.com

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