Review: imPRESS press-on nails manicure


We're testing out Impress Nails. A manicure solution for busy women. Two of our team members (your's truly and Mandy in the video below) tested and LOVED these nails. For me it was a pressure-testing situation. I had a business trip planned and no time for a manicure. I packed these with me and applied them in a taxi on the way from SFO to my hotel.

Yes. That easy.

Check it out:

These nails were the talk of my three day trip to San Francisco. 3 days, 3 showers, NEVER. LOST. A. NAIL.

Can you imagine if one fell off during a presentation? Not so trendy.

They looked flawless until I was ready to take them off. Yes, that's "impress-ive." The nails have a gel manicure sheen to them and amazing style to pick from. Get as fancy as you want with accent nails and nail jewelry.

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