New Epson EcoTank Printer

epson eco tank review

It's a printing revolution from Epson--no changing cartridges for 2 years! Find out why we love eco tank. Epson unveiled a line of new all-in-one color printers featuring large ink reservoirs – what Epson defines as the "Supertank."

I've been using the

ET 4550

for the past month and have loved the quality. I've also made a huge behavior shift--I now print in color ALL THE TIME. It makes my work projects and family projects look more fun and engaging.

epson set up of ink

Tip 1: Give yourself about an hour from start to finish to set up the printer.

Tip 2: Definitely use the plastic tarp and gloves when setting up and send the kids out the room. The ink is liquid and you need to handle with care.

Tip 3: The initialization took about 40 minutes. Don't expect to plug in and go.

Filling the epson tanks

Once you're set up it works like a dream. After the initial investment of time and money you're business or home is going reap big rewards. Here are my top three reasons to switch: Fun, Frugal, Forget-about-it.

Fun: First, there's the fun of printing photos, artwork and projects in vibrant four color. I used to hoard my color--opting for greyscale. But folks, it's not a black and white world, color is what makes everything more fun!

Frugal: Then there's the savings. Thought the initial unit costs more than other printers in the category, over time you will save big on ink. The WorkForce ET-4550 EcoTank comes with in tanks that are the equivalent to about 50 ink cartridge sets.

Forget-about-it: Set it up and then-Go! It's likely you won't mess with ink for 2 years! The WorkForce ET-4550 EcoTank comes with enough ink to print up to 11,000 black or 8500 color pages.

eco tank value

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent a model for review purposes.

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