Clean Up Better: Bounty with Dawn

Bounty towels with dawn

Hello Bounty with Dawn! 2 is better than 1. Well that's the rule when it comes to cleaning. Two little helpers get more done than one--when the girls team up to tackle room clean-up or laundry the chores are finished in a flash. Bounty figured out the same equation. They teamed up with Dawn dish soap to help you blast through your messes fast.

I run a tight ship. I like my kitchen clean--especially the counters. Cluttered counter, cluttered mind. I'm a Bounty loyalist and keep a roll at the ready for spills and messes. I've got kids, this is my reality. This new product is not meant to replace your paper towel.

Bounty with Dawn is meant to replace your sponge and dish soap. It scrubs, it swipes and it cleans. When you're done, toss it. No germ-infested sponge lying around in the sink.

Check out the my morning clean-up with new Bounty with Dawn;

This 2-in-1 product combines ultra-durable Bounty towels with the cleaning power of Dawn infuse right in. The thick, rugged towel stays intact while cleaning. I cleaned pans, countertops and my stove with the new towel.

Remember to train your family that these are not your regular towels--I keep mine under the sink and the regular paper towels out on the counter. On occasion a guest has tried to clean a spill with these, but my family is fully trained!

What else?

TIP: This product also works exceptionally well on white boards. When you are stuck with marker residue that won't come off, try this Bounty with Dawn--I swear it works.

My kids also love it for helping to clean up the counters. Just wet it a little and watch it counters shiny.

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