Take a Fashionable Step with Zoubaby Boots


I always thought that monogramming was a little too preppy for me. I mean, I'm not a his-or-her towel or a Princetown scholar (although I do live a few minutes from Harvard). Since becoming a mom I'm actually starting to see the benefit. If not just for the time-save on finding my own rain boots after taking them off at a highly populated indoor kid's gym. I'm a grown woman. Why does it take me 18 minutes to find my stupid shoes? And, much like walking up to a car that isn't yours and trying to open it with your key, it's embarrassing when I try to put on a pair of rain boots that clearly aren't mine. *shakes head in shame*

Short of buying a pair of Pucci boots, what other choice do I have (OK...twist my arm...I'll buy the Pucci...girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right?).

Zoubaby monograms these really beautiful equestrian-style weatherproof riding boots. You can '??mom-ogram'? them'?¦achem'?¦in different colors for a new twist on a boring rainy day. There are four monogram choices to fit your own style (traditional, script, circle and serif) and eight thread colors (I love my lime green against the black for a super hot neon pop). You can wear these boots with leggings, skinny jeans, short skirts.


And of course they also offer kid'??s sizes, which means no more lousy markers marking up the insides of my daughter'??s boots. I'??m pretty sure she'??ll stay C.A.M. for quite a while, so this will stand up to the test of time more than marker will.

I also love the sorority boots that Zoubaby offers. As a proud Delta Gamma sister, these would have been amazing when I was slushing through the mud and rain of Syracuse University to get to the fraternity partylibrary. Gotta support the team.

As we know, buying boots online for some is a challenge (larger calf ladies, listen up my sisters). A word to the wise, if you have larger calves, get out that marker to monogram your own boots because Zoubabys aren't for you. They run a bit thin in the calf area and don't offer a wide calf option.

So put away those Puccis and shlep proudly through the rain in what you're confident in knowing are your boots. Just try to remember where you parked next time, k?

Zoubaby boots are available at zoubaby.com for $65 for kids and $98 for women.

Cheryl Fenton is a Boston-based freelance writer, who writes beauty, fashion and fitness for Boston Common, Stuff and Glamour magazines, as well as her own EasyPeasyBlog.com.'?¨

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