Wuggle Pets: Make your Own Plush Pet at Home


Wuggle Pets are huge right now for my daughter's and their friends. They love the concept of making your own plush toy at home as a way to get creative and spend time together.


This new must-have activity-toy for little ones that is winning the hearts of kids and parents alike. My five-year-old loves to create and make her own things. My two-year-old loves being where the action is and wanted to help make the pets. As a family, we each took a part bringing the new toy to life. Being able to make your own plush toy instead of having to go to a store was a plus for me.

Featuring eight collectable baby pets, a kit includes one fun filled factory, a Magical Unicorn and a Cuddle Puppy, two bags of fluffy stuffing, two bags of magic dust, two sheets of personality charms, two birth certificates and a zipper lock. This was fantastic for my family of three since everyone was able to have a "job" and get in on the fun.

activity toy
Activity toy

Once we completed the process and had two Wuggle Pets to love, they each went to get their backpacks so that they could attach them. They love carrying them wherever they go.


 For only $7.99 for each individual kit and $19.99 for the entire Starter Kit, this activity-toy will keep your child captivated for hours and will help them to develop hand-eye coordination skills. Wuggle Pets are available online at www.wugglepets.com.

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Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did receive a Starter Kit for the purpose of review.

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