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willa skincare

I remember when my mom gave me "the talk." No not that one (I got a book instead)--the one about acne and taking care of your skin. Our conversation was so memorable I have never, and I repeat never gone to sleep with makeup on my face.

Skincare is important and developing good hygiene is essential for a young girls health and self esteem. Willa Skincare is there to make the mother/daughter chats easier and the skincare routines more fun.

To get the message across that discussing beauty can be a positive conversation (not a conflict) there's Willa. The face of the brand is a young girl (Willa) who is very relatable and cute. The brand is a true partnership between a mom, Christy Prunier and her daughter, Willa. Right now the line has 17 items in it all are Paraben free, Proplyene glycol free, Sulfate free, and DEA free and phthalate free. Nothing is tested on animals and it's made in the USA. In fact, the line is being developed right here in NYC.

My pretty little starter kit arrived in the mail. I quickly forgot that I am 41 when I dug in. The products brought me back to 6th grade when I desperately wanted to be cool and have my own grown-up supplies. The stuff my mom picked looked appropriate for a 40 year old (sorry Clinique and mom), this line is meant for the skin of young people. The prices are not scary and the line can be found at Target and J.Crew's Crewcuts.

Some of my favorite items from the line include the and the Foaming Face Wash and the Gentle Cleansing lavender facial towelettes


With a light fresh fragrance, I could see keep the wipes ($7) in a locker for post-practice clean-ups and the foaming wash ($11) is light yet effective. In fact, I will take the towelettes (I know, I am too old) to Asia in a few months, they are ideal for sticky weather.

For my almost 7 year old (one week to go), the line is the perfect way to tell her she's growing up. This line is the perfect balance of aspirational and attainable--moms and tweens will be delighted.

If you are sending your daughter off to camp treat her to these skincare essentials, remember 80% of sun damage is done before the age of 18--and there's a good SPF tinted cream to use everyday. It's never too late to start a good habit.

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This is part of a sponsored series. As with all of our sponsored posts, we don't have language fed to us. We get product samples, use them and give feedback. I wouldn't talk about this product if I wouldn't give it to my girls.

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