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What's New from Whirlpool?


Sure, jewelry and clothing are nice for the holidays but there are also a few practical gifts that parents will love. During a recent press preview for Whirlpool I had the chance to get out some innovative ovens, washer and dryers and learn about how they have come a long way to being energy savers with a focus on cold water washing.

For Whirlpool, I saw a lot of kitchen trends like the Whirlpool® double wall oven, a unique FIT system that allows your oven can fit into any current cabinet configuration. This also includes adjustable feet and trim options, TimeSavor'?¢ Ultra true convection, AccuBake® temperature management system and Rapid Preheat. Whirlpool brand also introduced a new line of ranges with AquaLift'?¢ self-clean technology that simplifies the cleaning process and gets rid of the grease and grime left behind. I also loved how the ranges are created with the modern family in mind, with features such as a split rack, Power'?¢ burner and induction technology.

Whirlpool also introduced the Ice Collection. Defined by silver accents, elegant lines, sleek handles and stream-lined controls, the collection is a break from the uniform whites, blacks and stainless steel.

Also, to help improve consumers'?? fabric care results, experts from the Whirlpool Institute of Fabric Science, the online hub for everything laundry, have debunked several laundry myths below.

MYTH: Cold water is not optimal for whites, and will not get your toughest stains out.

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FACT: The Cabrio® Clean Care Cycle uses adaptive wash actions combined with a concentrated solution of HE detergent and cold water to gently lift stains and soils from fabrics. The use of cold water to wash like a warm water cycle protects fabrics from heat damage and uses less energy and provides the best care for your clothes1.

MYTH: The fewer things you put in the washer the better they will come out.

FACT: Now wash up to three baskets of laundry in a single load and stop worrying that they won'??t get cleaned. The premium Cabrio washer 4.6 cu. ft. capacity wash basket adapts to both large and small loads for optimal fabric care.

MYTH: The dryer leads to shrinkage.

FACT: It'??s actually a lack of moisture - not heat - that causes clothes to shrink. New technology like the Advanced Moisture Sensing drying system in the Cabrio® HE dryer uses three built-in sensors to read incoming air temperature and outgoing air temperature while monitoring moisture levels inside the dryer, so the drying cycle can end when everything is perfectly dry, to prevent overdrying.

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