What's it Really Like to Be Pregnant in 2011?


Pregnancy is no walk in the park. There are ups and downs from vomiting in public to wanting to eat everything in sight to not being able to sleep. Good Books, publisher of the Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy, joined forces with American Baby to find how women really feel about being pregnant.

This 2011 Bump Report asked more than 1,000 moms-to-be about the good, the bad and the ugly of pregnancy - revealing everything about a mom'??s social and love life as well as when they let their family and friends know, and whether or not the pregnancy was a surprise.

The 2011 Bump Report will appear in the November 2011 issue of American Baby and online at AmericanBaby.com. Here are some of the interesting findings from the study.

1. Moms-to-be don't like morning sickness. Morning sickness is the #1 toughest pregnancy symptom, say 34% of moms-to-be, followed by fatigue (26%) and mood swings (16%). It seems like we don't like to be moody, but alas it is inevitable.

2. Moms are super social. Moms-to-be plan to keep friends and family members informed throughout their labor with Facebook status updates, tweeting, photos and videos. '??Millennial moms are so much more open about their pregnancies than generations before, thanks to the role social media plays in their day-to-day life'? said Dana Points, Editor-in-chief of American Baby.

3. Hot mamas. According to the survey, 30% of moms-to-be say their sex life has never been better.

4. Lots of sharing. A whopping 56% of moms-to-be go public with their pregnancies during the first trimester rather than following the old custom of waiting until the second trimester to announce their news.

5. Boy or a girl? According to the survey, 74% of respondents plan to find out baby'??s sex ahead of time and to tell others what they are having. According to Dr. Myra Wick, co-medical editor of Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy, '??Prenatal screening has made it possible to learn a lot about one'??s baby long before birth, so moms are able to share information early.'?

6. Celeb appeal: The #1 celeb role model mom is Kate Hudson. Natalie Portman comes in at #2 and Jessica Alba is #3.

What was pregnancy really like for you?

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