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What's Hanging Yo? Fanciful Holiday Lighting


Boo! You know what that is? That'??s the holidays right around the corner. If you'??re like me you'??re probably wondering where the heck the other 10 months of the year went! And if you'??re really like me, you still have half a bottle of champagne left from New Years in the refer. Hidden in the way back. Behind the Chinese take out and baking soda. (Side note: if you want to send me a bottle, I'??m a Veuve fan; Yellow Label all the way!).

But I digress. I have this love hate relationship with the holidays because Christmas tends to remind me that I have quarterly taxes due just a few days after and because I'??m probably still working on someone'??s remodel right through the holidays.

I guess everyone wants a kitchen for Christmas. The love part, however, comes from the decorating. Let me tell you that there is nothing more fun for me then pulling out the boxes of ornaments (yes, I said boxES) and bringing out the ornaments I'??ve collected over the years. Tiffany and Baccarat and Lalique and handmade numbers from random places in the countryside all wrapped up in their boxes. I think I just had a moment.


We always say that we'??re going to keep our holiday décor simple. My therapist would call that a little white lie because it never, NEVER happens that way. Instead, often times it goes entirely the opposite. This year, with the economy and with the shear fact that we won'??t even be home for the actual event (spending Christmas with the in-laws this time) I'??m going to attempt the impossible '?? a simple holiday display. For the moment I'??ve managed to pull this off since my T-giving display is not much more than several Fairytale pumpkins and a floral display on my mantle. (Shameless plug to last week'??s Cinderalla pumpkin post'?¦).

So yes, I'??m actually working on keeping my word. And I'??m sure I'??ll stick to it. Sort of. Because I want lighting. Let me preface that by being a designer it means you'??ve probably given up on your own home because the last thing I want to think about when I get home is my own house. It'??s true'?¦ my own dining room (contrary to a few photo shoots earlier this year) is waaaay lacking in design wow. As a result, I'??m trying to convince My Better Half to me one '?? repaint with a much darker green (this is much harder than it appears) and two '?? do a great lighting display for the holidays.

Of course, as part of the argument, the question begs to be asked: '??What kind of lighting display do I do?'? So long as it'??s over the top and totally crazy I'??m good.


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Do I go with Crystal? You can'??t miss with crystal chandeliers hanging in multiples (multiples being the key. Start with three and go from there) over a simple dining table of white china and fresh flowers. It would be temporary so I could easily get away with a few inexpensive glass numbers from eBay. Think of the glittery spots from the bangles!


How about branches and single light bulbs? Edison filament lamps are en vogue right now. Even Ikea is offering a version with a red cord. I don'??t know how I'??d get the branch to hang from my ceiling'?¦ or even where to find the branch. See here in California we have Palm Trees. And unlike the Carona commercials, we do not decorate them. At least most of us don'??t.


What about floating bubbles of string? J'??adore! Who can'??t resist something that you can make yourself at home. In your pajamas. With a drink in your hand. Right? Since it is almost the holidays and I can'??t save all of the good links for myself, I'??m sharing the blog that teaches you just how to do this (though the pajamas and drink are all you dear reader). Check out my posts on Wednesday and maybe we can make them together.

You heard it'?¦ decisions must be made. In the meantime, I want to see your lighting displays! Show me! I promise I won'??t copy them.

Images in order via: Luna and Chloe Weddings, Avoli, Style me Pretty, Unknown,
and Wednesday Custom Design

Brandon Smith is principal of the San Diego based spatial design company D.Coop. Focusing on sustainable, workable, and budget friendly design, he provides In The Box solutions to Out of the Box questions. You can follow him on Twitter @dcoopsd

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