Wexy Bags: Fun Lunch and Much Bags for Kids


Packing lunches for school or camp can be a pain.

Even some of the best eaters have a tendency to forget to eat when surrounded by a hubbub of friends and fun. One of my tricks has always been to include a variety of different things in the lunchbox to keep if interesting and make it possible for my kids to 'graze' their way through it.

I have a million little washable containers that I tend to stack up in the lunch bag, which make me feel more Eco-friendly but tend to come home smelling awful and often missing the cover. More often than not, I rely on plastic bags and feel guilty about using them.

Enter Wexy bags.

Created bytwo moms who were determined to pack healthy snacks for their children, these cute little 5x6 inch zip top bags are made in the USA, BPA-free and purport to be biodegradable, disposable, recyclable, and reusable. Each bag is decorated with one of four silly technicolor monsters engaging in outdoor activities.

Both my six-year-old son and my three-year-old daughter love to find these bags in their lunch bags, and always open them to find out what food is hidden inside. They take a pretty hard hit in a backpack, so I haven't found them to be so reusable--definitely not if you fill them with anything other than dry crackers and the like. I do feel a little less guilty throwing them away knowing that they won't languish in a landfill somewhere.

Jessica Kobrin Bernstein is a teacher turned overtired, over-educated SAHM of two. She is NYC born and bred, and is resisting a move to the suburbs with all of her might. She shares parenting rants, recipes and reviews at peekababyny.com. You can also find her on twitter @peekababy on Facebook and on Google+ +peek a baby.

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