VTech's InnoTab Learning Tablet


VTech's new InnoTab has been compared to the iPad. A kid's version, of course. More durable. Less expensive. Sure, it resembles an iPad, but is this toy worth $80 plus? I gave VTech's new InnoTab a test drive and this is what I discovered.

First and foremost, the InnoTab comes with a few fun apps. You get two games: "Pinball Letters" and "Ice Escape," one e-book: What's that Noise?, two creative apps: "Color and Pop" and "Art Studio," calculator, clock, calendar and address book. You also get an MP3 Player, photo viewer and video player, but you'll need to purchase an SD card to download the music, video and photos from your computer onto your InnoTab. A USB cable is included.

The fun really begins with the character cartridges you purchase separately for about $25 each. I got the Disney Fairies cartridge for my daughter and she will be in heaven watching her favorite story "The Great Fairy Rescue." Three educational and creative games are also included. (My favorite game was making my own fairy house.) Other cartridges with licensed characters include: Disney Pixar Cars 2, Scooby Doo, SpongeBob, Disney Princess, Toy Story 3, Mickey Mouse and Dora.


At $25 a cartridge I won't be buying many more, but you can also download e-books and games at VTech.com for only $2.99 each. I found a bunch of cool looking games and e-books and it took just minutes to purchase and download. You can also track your child's learning progress at VTech as well as personalize your InnoTab even further by choosing a theme. (We chose the princess theme, of course.)

The toy comes with a year warranty that excludes all the things my daughter might do it. I purchased another warranty from Toys "R" Us for around $20 that includes everything, so that makes me feel much more comfortable about my investment!

Another cool thing about buying the VTech InnoTab at Toys "R" Us is you can get it with a free case for $79.99. Other stores sell it for the same price sans the case and the case will make keeping track of those expensive cartridges much easier!

VTech's InnoTab is a very cool learning tablet. I would be a tad more thrilled if it came with just a little more for the money, like if the SD card was included. But, all in all, this is a toy my daughter will love and will learn a lot from. This toy will be her first experience with a computer, so I'm taking it seriously. Like, for instance, making sure it came in pink. I know my daughter wouldn't touch it in any other color.


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