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Vinci Tablet Review

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This month we've been testing the VINCI Tablet II 7" Learning Tablet for Children 1.5 to 9 yrs old. Since my girls are 5 and 7 we fall right in the sweet spot. Here's what you should know: I am not a tech writer. In fact, we don't own a television and tend to be tech-light other than my home office needs. I would never plunk down $600 for an iPad for the kids to break. When this tablet pitch arrived in my inbox I was intrigued. It was well-priced, sturdy and seemed to offer a lot of variety.

Vinci is a new category of touch screen early learning systems leveraging scientific research and mobile technology, specially designed for toddlers--there's things like lullabies and visual games for kids that aren't fully ready for an interactive screen. The Vincifeatures: Android 2.3.5, WIFI, 8GB, and has plenty of parental controls. All of the apps on the tablet are educational with fun built in. We've used the tablet as a treat when my older daughter is doing homework the younger one "works" on her tablet. The tablet is built with a "handle" all the way around it making it easy to grip and get into the action.

It's easy for a 5 year old to navigate and I'm sure even younger kids could manage this--it's mostly drag and drop. There are loads of options already on the tablet, so you don't have to go and buy more. Check out the curriculum by age www.vincigenius.com/en/curriculum/age

Some of our favorite activities included HoHoHa the monkey. In one game, we selected the sequence of his morning--he then acted out our selections. It was a good tool for making choices and processing sequences. We recently had to spend 8 hours on the train to get back and forth to Boston. This little gem saved us.

Here's a demo video:

Find out more here www.vincigenius.com

Buy on Amazon here

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did get a tester on loan to try out.

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