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Syncing Your Style: What to Wear on Vacation

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Memorial Day is within reach and I have have been planning a much- needed vacation. Traveling with children brings a whole new meaning to the word vacation. I used to be able to pack in a moment's notice, I would take care to lay each outfit out on the bed, match my jewelry with it, play with coordinating shoes so when I arrived at my destination, I could get up and go. I hate to admit this, but I now spend hours packing for my children, making sure they have every last thing they might need (mind you we have never traveled to a remote area where we couldn't, dare say, purchase a forgotten toothbrush!) and usually throw my stuff in at the 11th hour. Now that I have a vacation set on my calendar, I am determined to have my cake and eat it too. I want to be able to pack easily, have essential yet versatile clothing and fit everything I need into a small, smallish, normal sized bag.

Here is what I'll be packing for my getaway, what will you be wearing?

1. A Wrap Dress: We all know that Diane von Furstenberg pioneered this look and after all this time it still works. The "wrap" dress is the perfect all occasion dress. It is also a style that seemingly looks good on every shape. It is forgiving, easy-to- wear and is super comfortable. I love the bright color of this one I found at GGO, the 3/4 length sleeves that you can easily push up, the sexy neckline, and the flirty swirl of the skirt. GGO nailed this one as it is made from mostly organic bamboo. Not only is it gentle on the environment, it is silky soft, like I-want-to-live-in-this-dress soft. Go to GGO clothing to purchase it, in one of seven different colors. The GGO wrap dress sells for $148 and is proudly made in the USA.

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2. A Cardi: I have a love hate relationship with cardigans. I always seem to need one, but hate feeling like my third grade school teacher when I wear one. I love this one from Gaiam. Not only is it made from organic cotton and bamboo, it is lightweight, and does not button up the front. I think it is less structured, boxy, and traditional. If I need to reign it in, I'll slip on a thin belt to accent my waistline. I chose the pumice because it was neutral and I knew I could slip it over a dress, wear it with jeans, or even pair it with shorts. The Gaiam open cardigan is available in four colors and sells for $68 and you can purchase it by clicking here.

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3. Tunic: I like the ease of a tunic. It lends itself nicely to the casual, yet sexy, I still look good without trying too hard style that has been my mission to achieve. I found this tunic at J.Crew and like the airy weightlessness, the cozy texture and the button down front. I think it will pair nicely with colored jeans, work well for the layered look, and is perfect as a stylish cover-up over my swimsuit.(Check out my Swimsuit Guide to complete your vacation style) I chose this neon persimmon partly for the name but mostly because orange has always been my favorite color,and it is so right now. The J.Crew Whisper Gauge Beachcomber Tunic comes in five colors including white for those looking for a neutral staple. To purchase, click here. The J. Crew Tunic retails for $59.50.

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4. Metallic Wedge: Of course, I wanted to find the perfect summer shoe. In keeping with my need for packing light, I wanted a shoe for all occasions. One that I could walk in while maintaining a sense of style. I chose these "Issa" metallic wedges from Born for their versatility, arch support and very current cork bottoms. Platform wedges are very easy to walk in and give you that high-heel look without the pain. The ankle strap and wide straps across the front of my foot add to the comfort factor and will make wearing these cute sandals perfect for day excursions or nights spent dancing.You can purchase the Born Issa in Panna Cotta Metallic, online from Zappos (I love their free shipping and great 365 day return policy!) for $105.

Picture 13

5. A Sun Hat: I've always been a hat kinda girl. Not only are they stylish, they protect your skin from sun damage, and are great when you don't want to deal with a hair "do" (or "don't" as the case may be) I found this adorable, wide brim straw hat by Mossimo at Target. I love the bold color block mixed with the natural straw. It is floppy, comfy, screams summer glam goddess and is very afforadable. You can find this feminine Mossimo hat here in my choice of yellow or in aqua, for a mere $14.99.

Colorblock Hat by Mossimo for Target

Colorblock Hat by Mossimo for Target

6. A Tote: I still need a catch all tote with me, one that is stylish but can still carry a wooden car, a knit doll, if need be, a SIGG bottle, and still have room for some of my stuff! I found this adorable, handmade, Fair trade bag at Uncommon Goods, and I love it! It is made in Bangledesh from Holga Leaf, a sustainable resource. I love that that it not too big to carry but has long enough handles to throw over my shoulder. You can purchase your all natural, handcrafted bag here for a very affordable $30. Who says going green has to cost a lot?

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Michelle is a SAHM and self-described '??green'? fashionista. She is a NYC woman, turned burbs mama, raising her 2 B'??s in an eco conscious manner. She blogs about natural parenting and green living at www.everythingsabuzz.comFind her on twitter @queentob.Have a fashion question? Look for the new Syncing Your Style section on the Momtrends facebook page or tweet us your fashion questions at @momtrends!

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