Taking the UppaBaby CRUZ for a Stroll


We have been avid babywearers for most of Oliver'??s months, but our 23 lb 10 ½ month old baby has us (and our backs) leaning on the stroller world more and more these days. But we all know it can be a bumpy ride to finding a stroller that'??s right for you. A stroller that is all function and no cute is no fun, but a stroller with more cute than function will leave you stranded.


When I found out I was testing out theUppaBaby CRUZ I knew the cute would be there so I was pleasantly surprised when I realized I didn'??t have to trade in any function in exchange for a sleek design. The CRUZ really had me from the get go. It took 20 minutes to put it together and that included opening the box and a crawling baby at my feet! You could say the CRUZ and I started out on a high note.

The finished product including an enviable storage basket below raised that note even higher. It'??s still nice out so we'??re still traveling with park essentials on many days and with 2.7 cubic feet of storage at our disposal I'??m no longer struggling to take my things in and out of the stroller basket. Major points. And while the basket may make the stroller appear larger than it actually is we'??ve had no problems squeezing through narrow Brooklyn doorways. The even bigger shock is how well it has handled our long walks over not so smooth (read: cracked) sidewalks. No more '??shoot, Sorry Oliver'? because there haven'??t been any bumps stopping us in our tracks. It'??s a completely solid piece of equipment. The SPF 50+ shade is genius and the seat reclines back far enough for a proper on-the-go nap.

While we'??re past the newborn phase the CRUZ is suitable from birth with the Infant SnugSeat accessory. The seat is also conveniently reversible. The icing on the cake? No embarrassing '??how do I close/open my stroller again?'? moments (yes, those first few months can be rough). Win! All in all we'??ve fallen in love with the CRUZ for our usual neighborhood adventures. My ooonly gripe would be it'??s a touch heavy for going up and down subway stairs but, then again, that'??s what the UppaBaby G-LiTE and G-LUXE are for.

Check out my video about my favorite features of the stroller:

Former Editor in Chief of ANTENNA, Kaity Velez, falls in love with her son, partner, Brooklyn & its delicious food on a daily basis. She documents her adventures on When Babies Blog.

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