TreeRing: Yearbooks for the Next Generation


Yearbooks are an incredible way to capture a moment in time. It is shocking to see how I once looked, but it is also amazing to see old friends and teachers in the pages of these books. However, the books are also filled with people I don't remember and activities I didn't take part in. TreeRing, an online yearbook company, is bringing them into the 21st Century with their personalized approach. With TreeRing, students are given a safe and easy to use online platform to create a personalized yearbook that parents can buy directly from them, allowing schools to save their money for programs and supplies. Through this system, students can also use online social networks to create custom printed yearbooks that commemorate each child's unique school experience. By doing, TreeRing eliminates the financial cost of yearbooks for schools and they invest into the environment by planting a tree for every book that is printed.

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