Tory Burch Fall Preview

Tory Burch Collage

I know you are in swimsuit mode, but I'm in fashion forecast mode. This spring I was invited to preview the Fall 2012 Collection in the NYC Tory Burch showroom. I'd seen the runway show online and loved all the rich wine colors and refined tweeds--but seeing the line up close was even more impressive.

The most important message I'm going to share--embrace jewel tones this fall. From amethyst to emerald, the rich colors of earthy treasure are the hottest thing you can wear.

jewel tones2

While I loved flipping through the racks of clothing, I was most impressed with the accessories. Let's call a spade a spade. Most likely we aren't going to update our wardrobes with TB's latest runway designs. While I might add a blazer and a smart dress, it's more probable that I will be enticed by the affordable luxury of an accessory or two.

Here are a few of my favorite things from the line. Some out of reach others quite attainable. Enjoy!

heel details 2
floral accessories2
wine color2
fox boots2

See the entire fall runway show here:

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