Top 5 Gift Ideas for Tweens


Oh, the tweens. When your child reaches this stage in his or her life, lots of emotions are cropping up that make them, well, a little difficult to understand sometimes. They love this, they hate that, they'll die if they don't have this, and they never want to see that person ever again (until tomorrow). Finding gifts for these unpredictable people can feel like an impossible task. We've narrowed down the top five gifts your tween will fall head over heels for.

1. Make them a twi-hard:


Never heard that term before? It's OK. A twi-hard is a devotee of the Twilight Series, which, we're sure you've heard of. With part one of the final installment out, it's a perfect time to get your tween caught up (over and over and over again) with theTwilight Saga Box Set ($65 on Amazon) or theNew Moon Puzzleball ($17.73 on Amazon). Team Jacob or Team Edward?...Edward...swoon.

2. It's in the bag:


A bag says a lot about oneself, so give the gift of cool with one of these rockin' shoulder bags like this Rope bag by Kavu ($45) or this bright orange messenger bag from GreenSmart ($89.95) which works for a boy or a girl.

3. Provide an outlet:


Secrets and crushes go hand in hand with a tween's fragile heart, so give them a place to let it all out in this new GLEE Electronic Jammin' Journal ($11.45). Instead of a lock and key, this journal comes with a detachable charm they can wear. There's also quotes and pictures of their favorite gleeksters (that's kind of like a twi-hard) to provide extra inspiration. Added fun: The theme to the show plays upon opening the cover.

4. Color them original:


They're figuring out who they are, so give them plenty of options with this set of 18 nail colors from Sephora by OPI ($48) or these handmade multi colored guitar string bracelets from ($10 each).

5. Let them Play:


Nintendo's DS Lite ($139.99) is not only portable and cheaper than an iPad2, it can provide hours of educational and silly fun. There's a plethora of games to choose from, and tweens get a kick out of trading and sharing them.

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