Tomboy Tools: "Pink" for a Purpose, Not to Patronize


Tools are not considered a traditional female product; however that has greatly changed over the years as many women have taken to building, repairing and DIY. There is also the focus on the color pink, in the context of consumer products, that has received a significant amount of media attention. Both sides agree that in recent years, there has been an influx of pink products '?? pink laptops, pink vacuums, and now a pink car. For some companies though, pink is not just a marketing ploy - the color pink represents a strategic business decision based-upon consumer feedback and most importantly '?? a purpose.

When Tomboy Tools, manufacturer of pink tools for women, was founded 10 years ago, its owners had a very different viewpoint on the color pink and marketing to women. In fact, Janet Rickstrew and Mary Tatum were convinced they would not be taken seriously selling pink products and had a '??No Pink Tools'? motto, offering tools in various colors, such as blue. While the mission has remained the same - - empower and inspire women - - their feeling about the color pink has changed.

In 2005, as a fundraising item for breast cancer, Tomboy Tools developed the 13oz. Pink for a Purpose Hammer which instantly became a huge success. Women across the country gushed about the product and suddenly requests for more pink tools were pouring in. Even so, Janet and Mary were not easily convinced that pink was an appropriate representation of Tomboy, and embarked on an extensive consumer research study. The feedback from women across the country included:

  • '??My husband is stealing my blue tools, I want something that is just MINE!'?
  • '??The color pink has come to represent not only breast cancer but women causes '?? and is a great representation of what Tomboy Tools is all about '?? supporting women.'?
  • Tools are not a traditional female product, we like to have something '??for us'?? in a male dominated industry.'?
  • '??Give me inspiration, guidance, and quality tools that are not intimidating to a woman.'?

At the conclusion of their study, Janet and Mary agreed that, contrary to their original beliefs; '?? the color pink was the perfect representation of their products '??tools with a purpose. Thus, Tomboy Tools became a line of all pink tools with a percentage of sales donated to the '??Pink for a Purpose'? fund. This fund supports causes important to women including breast cancer, domestic violence and animal welfare to name a few.

Going beyond the charity overlay, Tomboy Tools'?? mission is to provide education, empowerment, and entrepreneurial opportunities. While fixing a leaky faucet may seem trivial to some, when you'??re a single mother who can'??t afford a plumber, it is a crucial skill. Tomboy Tools'?? goal is to empower women; pink tools in hand, assisting them to be self-sufficient and confident.

We had a chance to check out some of these fun Tomboy Tools including the Auto Kit with Wide Mouth Bag that features a collection of pink tools such as a Pink for Positive Jumper Cables, Extendable Screwdriver, LED Aluminum Flashlight, Digital Tire Gauge and a Rubber-Grip Gloves. Other functional and fun pink products from Tomboy Tools include the Mosaic Tiling KitCaulking KitErgonomic Paint Roller KitGarden Bucket Kit and much more!

Today's women is taking DIY and home projects into her own hands and Tomboy Tools is a great way to focus on functional toys while also providing tools that she can be confident and empowered to use.

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