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Tips for Family Portraits

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This year, jcpenney is helping alleviate the stress of the holiday hustle by offering a free portrait (no sitting fees, a traditional printed 8x10 portrait, as well as a digital copy of the same pose) throughout the month of November at over 530 stores nationwide! Customers can visit for locations, hours, to make an appointment online.

They also put together a list of top tips (listed below) on how to prepare and perfect your family portrait this holiday season.

Top Tips for Family Portraits

1. Pack a Prep Kit: For those last minute touch ups and emergencies, don'??t forget an all-encompassing prep kit. Be sure to include:

  • -Hair needs: hairbrush/comb, bobby pins, comb and hairspray for flyaways.
  •  Skin needs: blotting wipes and powder to rid excess oil and to avoid being shiny, concealer for blemishes.
  • Clothing needs: lint roller to pick up any extra dust or hair, fabric tape for any snags or tears, wrinkle release spray for a fresh look, stain remover pen for any spills and a detergent pen to the portrait site for last-minute emergencies.
  • Other essentials: snacks to keep your family happy (but nothing that stains), pocket games for the kids while you wait, floss picks to remove any leftover food from teeth, mirror to check out your final look and headache medicine for mom and dad!

2. A Happy Family Is a Picture Perfect Family: Make sure your family is happy and ready to go when you arrive! From promising a fun activity for the kids after a successful photo session to eating everyone'??s favorite meal before the shoot to bringing a tablet to keep your kids entertained during any downtime, be prepared to keep everyone in good spirits.

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3. Find the Perfect Match: There are many do'??s and don'??ts when picking out your family picture theme and clothes should be a priority. A few rules:

  • Be matchy, but not too matchy- Establish a color palette and style tone and allow your family members to pick out what clothing item will complement the theme. This will allow all family members to feel like they had a say in this year'??s family picture and can showcase their own personality.
  • Avoid clashing- Stick to solid colors and stay away from bold patterns. Too bright of colors or loud prints can take the attention away from your family'??s smiling faces.
  • Timeless- These photos are going to be displayed in your home and office and also given as gifts, stay away from trendy or holiday themed clothing so the photos last longer.

4. Schedule Hair Appointments a Week In Advance: You want everyone to look their best, so make sure that everyone gets their hair cut, highlighted and styled. Portrait day is not a time to try a '??new'? you so schedule appointments a few days in advance of your portrait. Check out to schedule an appointment.

5. Blemishes Be Gone! Make sure you have concealer on hand to cover up these unwanted marks. For red blemishes, pick a yellow-tinted concealer and for darker marks, choose a concealer lighter than your blemish. For last minute touchups at jcpenney, visit the Sephora at jcp counter for a quick fix!

6. Look Thinner with a Few Simple Steps: If the holiday treats are already unavoidable a few easy tricks can help:

  • Drinks lots of water and stay hydrated to not only get rid of the bloat but your skin will look refreshed!
  • Straighten your posture to elongate your body and appear slimmer.
  • Avoid tight fitting clothes but nothing too baggy, as you will appear boxy in the photograph.
  • For a picture perfect pose, put your hand on your hip and your arms will instantly look thinner.
  • Wear dark and solid colors to look slimmer.

7. Don'??t Forget Your Family Pet! Select jcp portrait studios accommodate pets! Call your local studio to see if you can bring in your furry family member and any special instructions and grab a matching bow or a bandana for your furry friend to join your family'??s pose.

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