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Confident parents make confident children. Although we know this parenting is far from easy and it can take it's toll on us moms. MOPS International, a non-profit organization that creates communities to help "Better Moms Make A Better World," recently shared Jean Blackmer's common-sense tips on decision making that is sure to inspire even the most overwhelmed mamas. Check out her tips to embrace your role as a mom with wit, gusto, and of course confidence.

Confident Decision Making in the Daze of Mothering by Jean Blackmer

'?¢ Decide what really matters. For example, if how to get your baby to sleep matters more to you than what type of applesauce to purchase then you'll spend more time and energy on the sleep solutions.

'?¢ Limit your choices. Limit yourself to looking at three different stores, ask only three different people you respect for advice, and visit only three reputable online sites for ideas on the decision you're dealing with.

'?¢ Don't compare your decisions to others. Each mom is as unique as her own finger print. What you decide may be different than your mother, sister or friend and that's ok. Trust you've made the right decision for your unique situation.

'?¢ Once you make a decision- decide to move on. Don't allow yourself to second guess your decision. We all make mistakes and actually can learn from them.

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