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Time to Play Showcase: Coolest Toys for Kids


Time to Play recentlyhosted its biannual toy expo in NYC, and I was there checking out the latest toys for the spring and summer season. I loved that there were so many toys that encouraged children to get outside and celebrate the freedom of just being a kid! Here's a list of my Top Toy picks - they were chosen for their play value, focus on imaginary or creative, or educational play, and/or if they got the kids out, about and moving!

Rockboard ScooterRockboard has already been recognized by T.O.T.Y for its award winning scooters, and the RBX, the latest scooter from Rockboard, is well on its way to following in the same footsteps. I love how there is no motor involved, just sheer muscle. The RBX is a great mode of transportation in Urban areas, great for exercise and has that competitive component built right in. If your child wants speed, they have to work for it...the faster your child rocks, the faster they go! How's that for eco friendly?

Rockboard RBX

Classic Battleship: Do your remember, the class game Battleship? Well, it's back and this time the popular game is based on the upcoming movie. The new version allows for single player use where it's you vs. the aliens for extra battling fun.

Picture 3

Big Wheel RacerOld school fun never goes out of style with this kid powered,low riding, Big Wheels three-wheeler. Classic design, good for ages 3-8 means many hours and YEARS of fast moving excercise!

Picture 1

Crayola's My First Crayola Dry-Erase Activity Mat: A house hold name for all things craft and creative, Crayola's My First Crayola Dry-Erase Activity Mat is a perfect kit for travel or on- the- go excursions. With 12 reusable drawing sheets to provide hours of independent coloring fun, triangular shape crayons that guide the fingers into proper pencil grip, and a convenient carrying handles, this mat is a must have for portable, non electronic, expressive play.

I also am a big fan of side walk chalk but don't like those little sticks as they break from my littlest ones death grip. I love the 3D Kaleidoscope Giant Chalk. My little one loves to be able to use the two tone chalk without breaks and my older one loves to follow the how to booklet and create the images that will become 3D when wearing the included glasses.


Merida Toddler Doll: I'm so excited about the newest Disney Pixar movie, Brave. A female hero for once that is NOT clad in sexy garb, Merida has beautiful red hair, soft eyes and an innocent look that is as endearing as it is lovable.(Who can resist freckles?) The Merida Toddler Doll has a soft body, brushable hair and no small parts,making it perfect for your little toddler to enjoy.

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Hot Wheels Wall Tracks:I loved the Hot Wheels Wall Tracks,Batman edition. It's a Hot Wheels track, meets Command 3M stick strips (safe for walls), meets Batman. I love that it gets the clutter off the floor, is great for small play areas and has a great WOW factor, including loads of tricks by Gotham's favorite superhero.

Picture 5

Mega Blocks: I went back in time with the adorable Hello Kitty Mega play sets like the schoolhouse, library and science class. I appreciated that Mega realizes that both boys and girls love to build with blocks but WHAT they like to build differs greatly. Building with blocks has loads of educational and creative value, and building sets with a girlie flair, simply genius.

Leap Frog: I loved seeing the new content rich, non-fiction Map of the Human Body to be used with the tag. Also, a new take on the ever popular fridge magnets, now available in a convenient travel case, great for road trips (or for fridges that are not magnetic!) as the case acts as the building board.

Razor USA: The ever popular three-wheeler has a new spin with real spark action! The Flashrider 360 allows kids to spin and spark while they're cruising around town. I love the roadster look of this rider, the sparkle and the "I'm the cool kid on the block" fast zooming wheels.

Picture 2

Lego: Lego bricks are beloved by children of all ages and the build along books are sure to be the next big thing for toddlers. Children can build along with the Read and Build storybooks with themes like farm life, transportation and caterpillars.

Fuze SkyRocket Toys: I loved that kids can "trick" out their bike with the Fuze Wheel Writer. Cool high-tech light effects create cool images as the bike's wheels turn. You'll see pictures, and and a real working speedometer that will surely inspire many a neighborhood bike race.

Picture 5

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