Tia Danzler Celebrity Makeup Artist Tips

Tia, Katie, Nicole

As part of the MomsFashionFile Style Suite (where we styled 12 lucky moms at the 2011 BlogHer conference), we were fortunate enough to rely on

Tia Danzler

as our beauty and makeup expert.

With a resume that includes many A-list celebrities and President Obama, this lady knows how to work a makeup brush. Tia works with Johnson'??s as a makeup artist and we were able to grab a few minutes of her time at the Hard Rock style suite to talk beauty trends. She worked her magic (natural, think you on your very best day)--on more than a dozen women and was such a pro--upbeat, fun and the type of girl you'd want as a secret weapon for a photo shoot. Here's the scoop on the tools an tricks of her profession.

Tia with Leticia


What do you always keep in your bag?


Khiel's lip balm

, Dior lip gloss, and a blotting cloth.

MT: We can never get our eye liner just right'??what'??s the magic trick?
TD: Make sure your pencil isn'??t too sharp and I like kohl'??smudged less precise lining is more forgiving.

MT: Any tips for making our makeup last? Busy moms don'??t have time fpr touch-ups.
TD: Use blotting powder before your eye shadow.

MT: We know you'??ve worked with President Obama, can you give us any scoop.
TD: Well, I'??ve got to be professional, but I will say this'??he has amazing skin.

MT: Is there any celebrity you'??d love to work with that you haven'??t gotten to sit down with yet?
TD: I'??d love to work with Jada Pinkett Smith.

For more of Tia's tips visit her site www.tiadantzler.net or her blog, BeautyElixir.

Tia in action

For double-duty makeup tips, check out our post here where Tia gives tips on how to use your favorite baby products to make you feel and look more fabulous. Thank you to Johnson's for bringing Tia to the Style Suite and for these fab goody bags we gave all our bloggers:


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