Three Steps to Becoming a Kid-Ventor


Do you have a mini mogul at home? Edison Nation, a free community of inventors, idea people and entrepreneurs, wants to challenge and inspire kids through their Boy Scouts of America Innovation Challenge. Through this challenge all creative thinkers 21 and under can submit their invention ideas, and Edison Nation will spend up to $1 million to develop the products and make them a reality.

To help jump-start the inventing process, Edison Nation shared with Momtrends the following questions to get your kids started. Work together to help them live their dream!

1. What'??s the great idea?

To get started, it'??s fun to start by filling in the blank with a few simple questions, such as:

· Wouldn'??t it be cool if'?¦?

· How could I make _________ better, or more fun or even just easier to use?

· If it only had a ___________ would it be more useful?

· Why does__________ have to _____________?

Now, make a list of possible inventions that come from those questions.

2. Will a lot of people want or need this invention?

Once your list is together, discuss your ideas with your mom or dad and do a little research on your own to see if there'??s a similar product on the market. Then select one or two of your favorite ideas that you think would be great inventions.

3. How will this invention work?

With your favorite ideas, grab some paper and a pencil and start drawing your invention and how you think it will work. Be as detailed as you can be with your drawings. If you can, you might even build a working model to show how your invention might work (this is called a prototype).

Write down, in detail, what your invention is and how it will work.

When you'??ve completed these three steps, you'??ll have something you can submit to Edison Nation'??s Boy Scouts of America Innovation Challenge.

The search runs through May 7, 2012. To learn more,

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