The Prettiest Lock also Unlocks a Cure

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What's more fun that playing a mindless games on your computer? How about playing a game that does something poignant like raising money for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation? On Master Lock's Facebook Page you can do just that when you play the memory game and .50 will be contributed to the BCRF for every level you play. It is so easy that I even raised $2.50 in about 10 minutes. The more you play, the more money you can raise. So far, $11,282,85 has been raised, so, if everyone raises about the same as me, that's a lot of people playing for ten minutes. Everyone has ten minutes to play!

Master Lock's Breast Cancer Awareness products also donate money to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation with their pink combination locks. The new Pink Speed Dial Combination Padlock is perfect for those of us (ahem) who aren't so hot at remembering numbers. This is the world's first lock that that opens with up, down, left and right movements. Another plus? The white lock with pink accents will stand out in a sea of grey and black locks at the gym. Also, this lock is really great for those of us who aren't great with remembering locker numbers.

If you don't think you can remember directional movements, the Pink Combination Padlock let's you set your own combination with letters or numbers. I definitely can remember my first dog's name or my daughter's middle name much easier than a bunch of random numbers.

And let's talk about the color pink. No matter how much my four-year-old daughter loves it, in small doses, pink is a great color. Especially since pink is the color that symbolizes Breast Cancer Awareness and advocacy to help find a cure. And having a cute, pink lock? I like the way it looks almost as much as I like all the good that it does.

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