The Power of Snacking

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Snacking is what we women do. We believe in the power of positive snacking and that a good snack honors what we crave without a smidgen of what it shouldn't.

A new Study developed by LUNA called 'The Power of Snacking: The Next Decade of Women's Changing Nutrition' recently examined how different generations of women will likely change their snacking behaviors over the next 10 years across different life stages. LUNA's hope is that the study's findings will serve as a catalyst to increase health and nutrition conversations among women so they can support, educate and inspire each other to lead healthier lifestyles.

The Power of Snacking report identified that there are major snacking behavior transformations emerging over the next decade, such as:

Snack Time is the New Mealtime: Say goodbye to predefined mealtimes. While meals are culturally important, women from their twenties to their fifties will increasingly allow for flexibility in their eating schedules due to the requirements of juggling care giving for elder parents, childrearing and careers.

The Notion of Positive Snacking: Guilt be gone! Women in their mid-30s to 50s will shift to a more positive mindset about snacking. They will seek foods that not only meet their nutritional needs, but can satisfy indulgent cravings.

This also includes eating with more enjoyment, preparing snacks more creatively, and finding ways to deluge through the information about food and health.

Through this incredible research, women can understand more about snacking, which can help them make the right snack choices for themselves and their families.

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