The Perfect Host(ess) Gift


This month on Momtrends it's all about parties and entertaining. If you're going to somebody's home for a gathering, it's always appropriate to bring a little something. As long as you know the colors of the home, the Archipelago Box Candle ($29.50) is THE perfect gift.


Packaging is just as important as what's inside, as Archipelago has proven. The bazaar printed cylindrical box (that looks like you purchased it at a souk in India) is home to the jewel toned tumbler. I recommend adding the soy candle to a tray with other found objects (a la my antique magnifying glass and nut bowl). Orange is one of the accent colors in my living room, so this candle ties the color scheme (and the room for that matter!) all together.

Lindsay Brooke Weiss is an on-air style expert, personal stylist, editor, wife and new mother. Prior to starting her own fashion and lifestyle blog she was the fashion and accessories editor at Niche Media and the editorial director at Haute Living magazines. You can check out lindsay'??s website at or follow her on Twitter at LBWstyle.

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