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The Perfect Gift for the Athlete in Your Life

Wracking your brains to find the perfect gift for your sweet Athlete this year??? I have an answer and not only would it be great for him/her, but several other folks on your list'?¦

The very smart people at IntelliSkin have come up with performance enhancing apparel that is truly amazing. Does your Significant Other spend most of the day sitting at a desk, working on a computer, talking on the phone and then complain of back and neck pain? Do they knock themselves out at the gym, but feel unsure of their posture or if their exercise routine is helping or hurting? This is as close to an instant cure as I'??ve encountered.

Posture is the name of the game, it effects how you look and feel as well as the efficiency of your physical performance. IntelliSkin apparel has been scientifically proven to improve your posture and alignment. The coolest part? All you have to do is put it on. The garments are made with a technology called PostureCue, it takes advantage of the way thousands of nerve endings in our skin respond to the outside world to create a neuromuscular response that will trigger you to correct your posture and hold proper alignment.

Women's Eve Zipper

Women's Eve Zipper

Here'??s the genius, most of the garments are based on a muscular support technique called S.P.R.T (Specific Proprioceptive Response Taping). Ever see a runner with crazy blue tape in a specific pattern surrounding her knee, or a basketball player with unusual taping over his lower back? This is the meticulous work of their Physical Therapist or Chiropractor using tape to support muscle and joint injuries, decrease pain and improve sensory motor function. IntelliSkin garments unique design do exactly that as well as stimulate the nerve endings in your skin to signal muscles that are overused and tight to relax and lengthen while weak, underused muscles are stimulated to tone and support you in the way nature intended.

Women's Eve Zipper

Women's Eve Zipper

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I used the zipper series for weight training, I found the shirt gave me a constant reminder to keep my chest open, shoulders out of my ears and my abdominals engaged.

Men's Long Sleeve

Men's Long Sleeve

I used the long sleeve pull over style for a long run, my shoulders (which usually feel a bit tense around mile 3) were soft and relaxed the entire run, my underused abdominals were actually sore the next day and my overused mid back muscles where totally unharmed.

Visit their website, it'??s easy to use and very informative. You'??ll find many options for the loved ones on your list and probably score a cool bra for yourself- I did!

Lawson Harris has been an innovator in the fitness industry for 27 years. She is the Founder of The Lab; a place to reinvent yourself thru Pilates based fitness and balance your body through Chiropractic Care, Acupuncture and Bodywork. She is also the creator and star of the '??Pilates Everyday Training'? DVD. She is certified as a Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Johnny G Spinning Instructor, and Shiatsu Practitioner.

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