The New Balance Spring Collection is Blooming

The NB Minimus and newSky Shoes at the New Balance Spring Collection

New Balance has a great take on the Vibram trend with their NB Minimus sneakers. Inspired by Good Form Running, these sneakers have a low drop of 4mm that creates the feel of a natural run that can also be worn with or without socks. They are also engineered for post-run recovery as well as for other casual wear and are available in various styles to suit your running needs including- Trails, Road, Cross Training and Sport.

If you love the feel of these lightweight wonders, they'??re also cute enough to wear with your favorite jeans. I took mine for a test drive on the muddy trails of Vieques, Puerto Rico and they performed beautifully! I got awesome support from this lightweight shoe that inspired me to add 15 minutes to my usual run- even in the heat!

Sky Shoes: Another fun New Balance creation to check out is the new Sky Shoe. Built on the principles of '??reduce, reuse, recycle'? this minimalist design is the perfect shoe for your everyday life. The upper portion of the shoe is created with PET also know as recycled plastic bottles so you can do the planet good and look great while you'??re doing it! I love the retro look of these with the grey flannel upper mixed with fun colors they'??re my pick for weekend trips with the kids.

running the trails in Vieques PR in my New Balance Minimus

Lawson'??s Fit Tip:  Running in a Natural Shoe like the NB Minimus requires time and proper form. New Balance offers a great video on their site to educate runners in their video, 'Good Form, Mid Strike Running.'

New Balance Spring 2012 Running Apparel

In addition to their amazing line of new sneakers, New Balance has a new collection of apparel. The Line Up apparel uses the intelligent principles of proper alignment to help their clients improve form and function by creating clothing with built- in guidance.

The spring line is full of workout gear with plumb lines built into the design. Plum lines help you see the boney landmarks of your body so you can correct postural imbalances simply by looking in a mirror and lining up your gear. A horizontal line across the shoulder points helps you rebalance your abdominals; a vertical line from shoulder to hip will do the same! Not that your Pilates instructor will ever be obsolete (wink) but now you can take your education with you on a run, your favorite class or next workout in the gym with these stylish helpers. Who doesn'??t want to look amazing while getting a more effective workout?

Lawson Harris has been an innovator in the fitness industry for 27 years. She is the Founder of The Lab; a place to reinvent yourself thru Pilates based fitness and balance your body through Chiropractic Care, Acupuncture and Bodywork. She is also the creator and star of the '??Pilates Everyday Training'? DVD. Lawson continues to work with private clients and teach a multitude of innovative original classes at The Lab in Brooklyn. She is certified as a Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Johnny G Spinning Instructor, and Shiatsu Practitioner. Lawson lives in Brooklyn New York with her two children.

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