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The Neckalina by KaVatee: A Fabulous New Accessory for Moms



We are always on the look out for new brands and recently discovered an incredible new fashion company called KaVatee (Pronounced: Kah-Vah-tee). Offering a new signature piece, The Neckalina, a timeless and innovative accessory that combines their love of color and statement pieces that is sure to live up to their mission of "giving KaVatee woman an instant way to make a statement."


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Learning about the company, I loved reading how founders Valerie Eidson (the '??Va'??) and Katie Conley (the '??Ka'? ) - (the'??tee'? represents their LOVE of tee shirt feeling fabrics), believe in having a flattering silhouette with a statement piece like a pop of color, a bold texture, a fantastic pattern, or a WOW Accessory. As a part of their mission to create fabulous accessories, they crafted The Neckalina, a combination of a pashmina and statement necklace, creating a bold accessory that offers a unique look and provides a powerful statement to any outfit.

I had the chance to test out the Caroline Necklina and I loved how it 'dressed up' my plain top to create a 'pop' of bold color. Featuring antique gold and cute pink beads, I loved having the option of wearing it as a fashionable pashmina or as a standalone necklace or with both! This striking necklace was fun to play with as I experimented with different looks and combinations to create my own unique look.

This innovative three in one neck accessory is also great for every type of mom since you can choose from fun colors like grey (The Brendi), turquiose (The Audrey), black (The Kelsey) or white (The Gail). It is also great to wear with the kids as a simple pashmina that can be updated with the beads for a night out. It can really take you through your entire day testing out and having fun with different looks, while also saving you from clutter by only having one signature accessory for all of your needs.

The Neckalina is our first and flagship creation. We are proud of the countless hours we poured into researching the needs of today's woman so we could design a beautiful and functional accessory that is new to the market. The Neckalina is a timeless piece that will be the center of each collection we design. Our goal is to continue to design innovative and versatile accessories that follow in the footsteps of the Neckalina. We will always strive to create products that are high in quality and function. Quite, Simply, our goal is to provide the KaVatee woman with an instant way to make a statement! We love bright juicy colors, varied textures, lush fabrics, and versatility. We combined these loves to create the Neckalina.

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