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The Mother Company: On a Mission to Raise Good People Through Books and Videos


My mom always says that she doesn't care what I do as long as I am a good person. I have taken that to hear with my own daughter where I often tell her how important it is to be a good and honest person. At almost five, there are many components of this that she 'gets' by making gifts for her friends or sharing with her sister, but there is so much emotional range going on with her growing mind that she often goes through a day being happy/sad/frustrated/mad and everything in-between!

We recently have been learning more about the range of her emotions by connecting with TheMother and Company and their interesting series of books and DVDs. Created by moms Abbie Schiller and Samantha Kurtzman-Counter with a mission to "Help Parents Raise Good People," The Mother and Company is an incredible resources for parents with young children with a focus on social and emotional learning. Learning isn't simply what our children develop in school, and the Mother and Company understands that and has created a helpful and uniquely stylish line of children's video content (a digital short library as well as full-length shows on DVD and download), as well as books, organic plush dolls, and related products for young kids. Their website is also a hub for parents to get helpful tips from experts focusing on issues related to behavior, divorce, emotions, etc as well as tips from mom contributors about the social and emotional parenting challenges that we all face.


One of our favorites is Ruby'??s Studio: The Feelings Show, a program that encourages toddlers, preschoolers, and young children (up to age 7) to identify, express, and move through their feelings in a fun and stylish way. The center of the show is Ruby, a whimsical yet grounded art teacher who treats viewers to gentle animated segments (narrated by Mel Brooks), musical dance numbers (sung by Elizabeth Mitchell), puppetry, and hilarious interviews with real kids. What I love about the series is that it embodies a modern look with a contemporary figure (Ruby) that is entertaining for both kids and adults as she teaches us all to tap into our feelings and become better communicators.

We also admire the book series, especially the Feeling Book where my daughter draw and document how she feels when she is happy/sad/frustrated and so on. They also offer fantastic gift sets for the holidays with some of my favorites being theFeelings DVD & Books Gift SetDVD, Sid & Lucy Set and the DVD & Lucy Ladybug Setthat serves as a meaningful gift for parents and their kids as they work out feelings, emotions and the many dynamics of being a child.

They also recently launched Ruby's Studio: The Friendship Show (sneak peek below), which is a continuation of their mission to "Help Parents Raise Good People." This time, Ruby's focus is friendship - helping young kids to make and nurture lasting friendships, with fun animated sequences, art projects and original music all geared toward helping kids to resolve conflict, show compassion, and encourage kindness toward their peers.

We all want to raise good people, and The Mother and Company has developed a system that allows kids to tap into their various levels of emotion, which along with their parents, can help them better communicate, understand and nurture positive feelings and relationships.

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Check out a sneak peek of the "Ruby's Studio: The Feelings Show"

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