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The Healthy Project with Johnson & Johnson


At a recent press event, entitled The Healthy Project, I learned all about the dire healthy crisis that we have right in the U.S. where children and adults are in optimal health. Moderated by Lisa Ling, The Healthy Project highlighted key ways how Johnson & Johnson is using their corporation to help people 'live longer, healthier and happier lives.' Alex Gorsky of Johnson & Johnson stated, "We are driven by a simple purpose: caring for the world, one person at a time. 128,000 people, working in 250 operating companies, spread across 65 countries '?¦ with one purpose."

This included a discussion about the potential of public-private partnerships to address health disparities such as through the '??Gateway to a Healthy Community '?? Healthy Kids'? that Mayor Cory Booker of Newark and Bettyann Creighton, a Philadelphia school district official, highlighted. These programs have been able to mobilize children as well as help teachers feel energized and focused while also getting exercise in during the day.

Through the The Healthy Project movement, Johnson & Johnson is encouraging change in order to assist people become and stay healthy. At the event, I learned about an innovative health app that will allow a person to learn their health credit score to understand their body and make changes. They believe this will create a ripple to inspire change. At the event, I also learned that is more than just saying 'exercise or eat right,' it "involves partnerships, programs, technologies and tools that are designed to inspire, inform and enable people to live a longer, healthier, happier life."

In addition to this riveting event, I also learned more about the success of J&J programs as well as several new initiatives (see below).

BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages

BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages have long been a staple in a family'??s first-aid kit as a source of healing, comfort and protection. And as the brand has expanded over the years, so too has the technology and innovation behind it. BAND-AID® Brand has moved from offering strictly bandages to becoming a brand that offers a wide variety of products to meet the diverse needs of today'??s active families and their lifestyles. For more information visit

Care4Today'?¢ Mobile Adherence

Care4Today'?¢ Mobile Adherence is a secure messaging platform, mobile application and website ( designed to improve adherence to treatment regimens through reminders to take medications, refill prescriptions, and visit healthcare providers. Care4Today'?¢ works with almost any phone with web browsing capabilities, regardless of platform or service provider. The mobile adherence platform can be used for any kind of prescription or over-the-counter medication or nutritional supplement.

Digital Health Scorecard

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Digital and mobile platforms are widely accessible channels and enable people across geographies and walks of life to take control of their health. Johnson & Johnson'??s Digital Health Scorecard utilizes these platforms to inform individuals and reduce their risk for chronic health conditions. This health score establishes a new universal meta-metric for communicating overall individual health status and experts refer to it as a '??credit score'? for health. Seven key factors DHS measures are BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol, fasting blood sugar, smoking/tobacco use, physical activity, alcohol usage. Consumers can use the program through their mobile devices, computers, or tablets, and it will be fully integrated into the new Windows 8 Metro application.

Gateway to a Healthy Community'?¢

Johnson & Johnson has a mission to help create a world free of health disparities by addressing un-met and under-served medical needs. Gateway to a Healthy Community'?¢ - Healthier Kids program (GHC-HK) is a public-private partnership targeting childhood obesity as an entry point to achieve significant, measurable results in health across schools, homes and communities. GHC-HK contributes to the national effort to combat childhood obesity and diabetes in a meaningful way. The program contains a series of 12-minute audio and video kinetic learning episodes for classrooms, grades K-3, providing curriculum-based '??activity bursts'? in an easy to use, plug and play format. The program began in classrooms in Atlanta, Houston, Newark and Philadelphia in late January 2012. Thus far, the efforts have impacted 1,163 classrooms and engaged almost 28,000 elementary school children in physical activity, enabling them to burn more than 61 million calories over an average period of 85 classroom days.

HealthMedia® Digital Health Coaching

Wellness & Prevention, Inc., a Johnson and Johnson company, offers HealthMedia® Digital Health Coaching, a suite of solutions that combines advanced technology and behavioral science to effectively emulate health coaching sessions '?? without the coach. The suite of interventions provides automated web-based coaching for wellness, disease management, behavioral health, and medication adherence with proven outcomes, reduced medical utilization, and increased productivity and compliance.

Human Performance Institute

Helping leaders expand their energy and perform at their personal best. The Human Performance Institute has pioneered research in this field since its co-founding by Drs. Jim Loehr and Jack Groppel. Built on more than 30 years of proprietary research and training with elite performers, the Institute'??s team is comprised of expert performance coaches, exercise physiologists, and nutritionists. The team has trained countless elite performers in high stress arenas, from Olympic medalists, professional athletes, CEOs, Hostage Rescue Teams, and military Special Forces. The institute'??s premier offering, The Corporate Athlete Course empowers individuals to become more productive and effective under pressure and achieve sustained high performance, both at work and at home.

Lake Nona Life Study

Wellness & Prevention, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson company, has collaborated with the Lake Nona Institute, a non-profit organization that develops health and sustainability programs in Orlando'??s 7,000-acre Lake Nona community, to examine and address today'??s most challenging health issues. Called the Lake Nona Life Study, this first-of-its-kind longitudinal research study will transform the community into a living laboratory for exploring health challenges and testing new initiatives that could impact population health and wellness for generations to come. The project will evaluate the health and wellness of participating residents, employers, employees, and students over the course of multiple years, focusing on the link between health, wellness, longevity, and quality of life.

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