The Benbini Watch is Here Just in Time for Summer

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Time is irrelevant yet so prevalent when you have a newborn. Evenings, mornings and days all roll into one another. The first day that we remembered to eat lunch before 5:00pm after having Oliver was a huge accomplishment. Probably because we were trying so hard to keep track of, well, everything. Those first few weeks I carried around this little book in which I wrote down exact times of each feeding, which boob I last fed on... everything. This made me look like some crazy old-timey reporter to those fortunate enough to visit during that blurry time in our lives. From there Idownloaded an iPhone app that replaced the pen and paper, but I got tired of trying to find my phone each time a feeding or diaper change happened.


Thankfully now for new mamas there is the Benbini Mommy Watch. This watch is fairly genius in its simplicity. Of course invented by two moms, Jacqueline Crisci and Jenny Fosgate, the Benbini watch has a patented double bezel design. One bezel for minutes and the other for the hour. It's your choice whether you want to use it for a feeding schedule or naps or both. I've been using it for naps the past week and have saved myself from a few '??crap what time did he...?'? moments. I had the Benbini to tell me exactly when Oliver had fallen asleep for his nap right there on my wrist. Oh and it has this little L/R switch that is beautifully hidden for you on the side of the watch face. No more guessing which side you last nursed on! It'??s also nice to look at. The white is perfect with bright colors and a slight tan for summer. The cuff is roomy and flexible, it can be dressed up or down and it feels sturdy enough to be knocked around or drooled on. This time you really do need that cute watch.

Former Editor in Chief of ANTENNA, Kaity Velez, falls in love with her son, partner, Brooklyn & its delicious food on a daily basis. She documents her adventures on When Babies Blog.

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