The 9-Month Stretch Kit from Mama Mio


Mama Mio and Tracy Anderson have teamed up for a wonderful collab together featuring "The 9 Month Stretch Kit." What exactly is it? The exclusive Kit includes Tracy's new Pregnancy Project workout DVD set and Mama Mio's best selling pregnancy essentials: Tummy Rub Butter, Boob Tube and Lucky Legs.

Tracy Anderson's "The Pregnancy Project" offers different workouts throughout all stages of your pregnancy. When Tracy became pregnant with her second child in early this year, she began production on a series of pregnancy workout DVDs to serve as a guide for women throughout their pregnancy. Similar to Tracy'??s other DVDs, this series contains many more tools than just the workouts. The series contains nine different workouts, one workout focused on each month of pregnancy, which Tracy filmed in real time. In addition to the workouts, the series contains interviews with doctors, mothers, and clients on pregnancy. The Pregnancy Project is designed to be a guide for expectant parents and covers everything from nutrition, to fitness, to the leading studies on pregnancy.

Combine all of that with three essential Mama Mio pregnancy products and you will have a super fit pregnancy. The Boob Tube Bust and Neck firmer increases the strength and elasticity of delicate skin and helps prevent the reduction of collagen. Lucky Legs Cooling Serum instantly cools and eases weary limbs leaving super subtle sparkly shimmer on your shins. Lastly, the Tummy Rub Butter is the purest cream, melt in your skin butter. Perfect for preventing and maintaining stretch marks. I adore all of the Mama Mio products and have used them on my previous pregnancies and will continue to use them throughout this pregnancy.

The 9 Month Stretch Kits retails for $75 and is available at

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Momtrends was not compensated for this post but received samples of Mama Mio products for the purpose of this review. 

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