BabyCenter Unveils the 2012 American Media Mom


BabyCenter, the ultimate destination for pregnancy and parenting, recently released its2012 American Media Mom report, highlighting a survey on the 21st Century Mom. To learn more about these interesting findings Momtrends was invited to hear about the details of how media shapes the modern mom. What did we learn? Today's mom is one tech-savvy lady that is not only managing the house, she is digitally connected and managing the online and TV content that her children are viewing. She is also a digital multi-tasker - using social media to stay connected to her community while also catching up online and watching TV. Busy and digital - today's mom is advanced and marketers need to take notice. Here are some of the interesting findings from the study:

Moms are social media super-heroes where 80% of us use social media on a daily basis.

Mom uses the latest digital devices to help her master the changing media landscape for herself and her family as she takes on the new role of Family Media Manager. This role enables mom to discover and manager the right content that her kids should be watching and viewing.

Mom is 53% more likely to use mobile banking applications and 58% more likely to shop via her mobile phone compared to the general population.

Moms spend twice as much time online monthly: 66 hours versus 33 hours for the general population, and spends 63% more time streaming online video. (Um, when exactly do we sleep?)

On average, moms are spending 10.9 hours daily with media. According to the 2012 American Media Mom report, those who own an Internet TV device spend over 3 additional hours with media, and moms who own a smartphone, tablet AND Internet TV device are spending over 7 additional hours with media'??which adds up to over 17 hours per day'??in large part because of mom's heightened ability to multitask with devices and media.

Moms are media multitaskers when it comes to video. Half say that they are always or often talking to someone else or using social media while watching TV. 40% are also going online on their tablet, mobile phone or texting someone while watching TV. And 1 in 4 are talking on the phone at the same time.

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