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Thanksgiving Food Swap: Eat This, Not That!

Thanks Giving'?¦automatically you'??re thinking '??there goes the dress size I lost over the summer of hard core working out!'? Say it isn'??t so! Check out these food swaps to offer everyone in your family healthy alternatives during this '??food-centric'? holiday. Let'??s face it you'??re probably not the only person in your brood who needs to keep it real.


white turkey

Eat This!

4oz serving of White Meat Turkey without skin (4oz is roughly the size of your palm, no fingers). The stats are not bad considering you'??re going to put some gravy on that'?¦ I'??m not a total Thanks Giving Grinch

Stats: 158 calories '?¨, 4 grams saturated fat'?¨, 34g protein. '?¦

Not That!


4 oz. Dark Meat Turkey with skin. This makes me so very sad, because I LOVE dark meat and skin'?¦ but if I have to choose between this and pumpkin pie- I'??m going with the pie! At least now you have the info and the option.

Stats: 206 calories, 2.4 grams saturated fat, 33 grams of protein.


homemade stuffing

Eat This!

Homemade Stuffing w/Whole Grain Bread. Sautee celery, carrots, onions and water chestnuts in 2 tbl spoons of olive oil,combine with cubes of whole grain bread, cranberry/raisins. Moisten the mixture with low sodium chicken broth, add herbs to taste before stuffing your bird. Delicious!

Stats: 1 cup=280 calories, 9 grams of fat, 8 grams of protein.


Not That!

Store Bought Stuffing w/White Bread is full of chemicals, butter and calories! Not to mention it doesn'??t taste very good. Check out these nutritional values'?¦ that'??ll do it.

Stats: 1 cups=352 calories, 17 grams of fat, 6 grams of protein.


Mashed Sweet Potato Gratin

Eat This!

Mashed Sweet Potato with sautéed shallots, chopped fresh rosemary, ginger, sea salt and olive oil. Add all theingredients above to taste depending on the size of your dish. This amount provides over 100% of your daily vitamin A and 50% of your vitamin C. It also contains more potassium than a banana and offers iron, calcium and trace minerals'?¦ yummy

Stats: ¾ cup= 175 calories.

Not That!

mashed white potatoes

Mashed White Potato with whole milk, butter and salt. While white potatoes still provide the 50% daily recommendationof vitamin C and include the same amount of potassium, the fat in the butter and whole milk make this a high calorie choice that you definitely don'??t need.

Stats: ¾ cup= 275 calories


homemade gravy

Eat This!

3 table spoons of Thin Homemade Gravy. What does '??thin'? mean?? Make your gravy by adding a bit of water to the bottom of your Turkey pan before you cook your bird. Add more water and a bit of flour to what'??s left after the bird is cooked. I add onions and garlic to the water before I cook the bird to make the gravy tasty and low calorie.

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Stats: 3 tbl spoons = 25 calories 2 grams of fat! What???

Not That!

store gravy

3 table spoons of Homemade Gravy with Cream. Adding heavy cream to your gravy is the fat/calorie kiss of death. Personally I think it over powers the taste of the turkey as well. Skipt it!

Stats: 3 tbl spoons = 150 calories, 8 grams of fat.


homemade cranberry

Eat This!

Homemade Cranberry Sauce is an oportunity, you can add oranges and lemmon to up the vitamin C quota. Add walnuts for protein and fiber content, use Splenda instead of sugar, spice it up with cinnamon and nutmeg'?¦

Stats: 25 calories per 1/3 cup serving'?¦ yum!!

Not That!


Canned Cranberry Sauce, not to mention the way in looks'?¦ I'??ll leave that right there; is full of sugar- 21 grams in a ½inch slice of the lovely stuff

Stats: 86 calories and 0% fiber'?¦I think we know who the winner is here.



Eat This!

Sautéed Green Beans are so simple and delicious! Sautee the beans in olive oil with fresh crushed garlic and sesame seeds. I like to cook the beans in olive oll that'??s very hot to give them a crispy finish.

Stats: 1 cup serving = 136 calories, 9 grams fat, 2 grams protein.

Not That!


Green Bean Casserole, made with cream of mushroom soup, cheddar cheese and fried onions. I get it- this one brings back memories, but now that we'??re all grown up and have a better idea of how to get our kids to eat healthy we can skip this one. Hopefully no one knows what they'??re missing.

Stats: 1 cup, 300 calories, 16grams of fat, 3 grams of protein. So sad'?¦



Eat This!

Pumpkin Pie; any simple recipe for pumpkin pie has lots of vitamin A, calcium and iron. As desert choices go at 280 calories I say go for it!

Stats: 1 slice= 280 calories, 13 grams of fat, 4 grams of protein.

Not That!


Apple Pie Ala Mode I know what you'??re thinking'?¦ '??it has apples in it! That'??s fruit and that can'??t be too bad- right?'? -Wrong. 1 slice of apple pie has 450 calories and even a small scoop of vanilla ice cream has 150 calories. Add the extra sugar'?¦ you do the math.

Stats: 1 slice + 1 small scoop of vanilla ice cream = 600 calories, 24 grams of fat, 6 grams of protein.

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