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"Take Less" Meds This Season with Help Remedies

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I'm really not a medicine person. I try to take care of myself during the year; however, colds can affect even the healthy. Since I need to be 'on' at all times I do find myself taking medicine when these times strike. The problem is I am often baffled by the amount of OTC drugs on the market and even if I do need a few remedies I often end up with a bottle of pills that I probably won't use until the following year.

To alleviate the bulk issue Help Remedies focuses on simple, single-ingredient medicine and new '??Take Less'? philosophy is pioneering an informative consumer education effort at the drugstore level, which is much-needed since only 50% of all patients take medications (Rx and OTC drugs) as directed and only about 20% of consumers are aware of the actual active drug found in something as common as Advil.


With medicine that is easy to understand (including their latest launches: help, I'??m nauseous and help, I have a stuffy nose) in packaging that is clearly labeled, visual and easy to navigate, Help Remedies offers the ideal OTC drugs to safely remedy a variety of ailments. The line also speaks directly to parents trying to decode the drugstore aisles while making educated/informed decisions about what to give their children.

Some of their product offerings include: Help, I have allergies; Help, I have sniffles; Help, I have a snuffy nose; Help, I can't sleep; Help, I have a blister; Help, I have an aching body and Help, I have a cut.

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I sampled a few of their product offerings and Help, I have a cut and Help, I have a blister were among my favorites. The Help, I have a cut line was a perfect addition to my diaper bag with only 16 thin and nearly transparent bandages and the Help, I have a blister line was also another handy addition with its 8 bandages made of hydrocolloid, a material which acts kind of like an artificial scab.

The line is also made with a single active ingredient. Help, I have a headache, for example, contains only acetamin-ophen,whereas some other kinds of headache medicines may contain two or three active ingredients. The line also contains less dyes and the fewest possible coatings as well as easy to understand where each product relates to a very specific ailment and not connected to a brand so that people can clearly know what they are taking.

In addition to the easy-to-understand line, I loved the packaging that is made from paper pulp (huge paper rolls, offcuts from printers, and paper thats been damaged or crinkled) and bio plastic that is derived from corn as well as its simple, yet innovative design that is signified by a single color tone.

At around $4 per Help Remedy, these simple and easy to decipher medicine packets allow parents to purchase what they need in the moment they need - making your next visit to the drugstore less confusing.

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Momtrends was not paid for this post. We were given a sample for review purposes.

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