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Summit 6 Pasta Sauce: Delicious Sauce with Veggies

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How is it even possible that my friend'??s kid doesn'??t like pizza? This does not compute. There are several things you can rely on'??the sun coming up in the morning (unless it'??s winter in Barrow, Alaska), death, taxes and kids liking pizza. I had to corner this small child in the calmest of fashions and ask why, why don'??t you like the pie.

This Little Cindy Loo Who-Won't-Eat-Pizza quietly whispered, '??The sauce is too bitter.'?

My delicate sauce sensibilities were confused...until I thought about it. I guess tomato sauce can be a bit acidic for tiny taste buds.

So when I was introduced to Summit 6 Pasta Sauce, I made an immediate dinner play date. And on the menu? Homemade pizza. I'm not into disappointing small hungry children, but I was hedging my bets that she would actually like what I had to offer.

Their new Kids Pasta Sauce is smooth and super mild for simple pallets. It also has a very smooth consistency, so there aren'??t any surprise clumps of tomatoes (God forbid). Perfect for those pesky taste buds with an aversion to the tangy tomatoes that are in some sauces.

Funnily enough, kids' common love of pizza was the exact reason Jennifer Joslin began this new sauce line. The bane of her dinner table? Veggies. After many exhausting years of begging her children to eat them, she realized that the two foods they would eat without complaint were pizza and pasta. The link? Pasta sauce.

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Somehow this whiz in the kitchen managed to whiz together six different vegetables, each with specific health benefits into her sauce, in tasty pasta sauces. My heroSneaky mama. A hidden boost of nutrition in something they already love to eat. Each jar contains tomatoes, carrots, green beans, red cabbage, eggplant and garlic, which makes them an excellent source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, fiber and iron. It's also one of the few options out there that's low in sodium and fat and is cholesterol-free.

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There are three varieties...the mild Kids sauce, the thick and savory Classic variety and the Spicy for an extra kick. They're perfect for pasta, pizza and as a soup base. Another reason I love them--all the vegetables that go into Summit 6 sauces are chemical-free and locally grown on New England area farms.

So Little Cindy Loo Who-Will-Eat-Pizza, come on over whenever you want. Take a guess what we'll be serving.

Summmit 6 Pasta Sauces are available for $6.99 for a 24 ounce jar at select farmers markets, specialty food stores, Whole Foods Markets, and

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