Summer Prodigy Infant Car Seat


Living in NY I don't need a car seat everyday. Since I don't have a car, I'm used to getting around by foot or subway; however, there are times when my family and I venture beyond the concrete jungle where I need a car seat for my baby. Since the birth of my first daughter over three years ago, there have been many new car seats on the market even ones like the Prodigy Infant Car Seatby Summer that incorporate technology to make installation easier! 


I was pretty impressed by what I heard about the car seat and its Smart Screen Technology that allows parents to install the seat through a quick process where you simply click, level and tighten the car seat into place. Having had other car seats in the past I loved how this seat took the 'guesswork' out of installation and made it so that you are guided through this process. The system also has belt tightening so that you can firmly fasten the base with only one hand! I never had success with this part and neither have most parents where we learned that 7 out of 10 car seats are installed incorrectly.

Following the event, I had the opportunity to test out this product on my four-month old on a recent excursion to the grocery store (ah, city living). Using the Smart Screen Technology and Belt Tightening System, I felt like a had a helping hand to help me install the seat. Essentially all I had to do was click, level and tighten the seat and then I used the test feature where a smiley face appeared. I then fastened the base and placed my baby in the seat. This was the part I always had about car seats where you have to re-thread and then adjust the buckles. Not with the Summer Infant Prodigy. All I had to do was place my baby in the seat and its SafeGuard 1-Adjust harness system, allows the straps to automatically conform to her body!

While my husband was driving, Emma stayed in place. Since I probably never installed a car seat properly I always had to hold on to the seat - watching as it wobbled back and forth. I didn't have that issue with the car seat. My baby sat peacefully and there was no uncomfortable movements - she was safe and secure, just as she should be in a car seat.

Even though I don't always need a car seat, it's comforting to know that I found one that takes the guesswork out of instillation as well as one that keeps my baby safe, secure and comfortable.

Additional features of the Summer Infant Car Seat:
To be used for babies 4-32 pounds and up to 32 inches
Removable newborn inserts for smaller babies
4-Position Recline Adjustment
3-Position Handle
Install with Latch or Vechicle Seat Belt
5-Point Harness
Adjustable Canopy
EPS energy-absorbing foam

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