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I 'm avid water drinker. I have always been, but after awhile regular water can get pretty boring. To add a boost of flavor and still retain its amazing benefits I like to add lemon, cucumber or mint to my water that gives it a whole new life. A new product, Metromint, is making it even easier by offering a line of water that already includes a boost of mint, peppermint and even chocolatemint!


How it works is simple. Metromint uses real mint that it infuses with its purified water. And this is no ordinary mint - it is pesticide-free, grown in Washington State's Yakima Valley and distills by steaming the mint leaves until the true essence of the mint surfaces. Through this process no water, preservatives or sweeteners are added - making it a calorie-free beverage. Also the water is purified through reverse-osmosis. This basically filters out any impurities in the water and leaves a blank canvas for the mint.

I had a chance to test out all of the flavors - original Peppermint, Spearmint, Lemonmint, Orangemint, Chocolatemint, and Goodberrymint - and I was shocked by its refreshing and interesting taste that was unlike anything I had ever tried before.

My favorite was the original Peppermint that was both crisp and refreshing as well as really enjoyable. My daughter also helped me out in product testing and she loved the Chocolatemint (surprise, surprise) and the Orangemint that she said "tastes sweet." Although it does have a slight sweetness to it, I loved that the ingredients are simply water plus mint, and in the case of the Chocolatemint it contains water, mint and cocoa essence.

Simple, delicious and a fantastic new way to mix up plain water.

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