Sproutkin: New Children's Book Subscription


I love the routines that we have adapted in our room since I have become a mom. I treasure the nighttime rituals - especially when we read stories before bed. While I love our books, it can also be draining to read the same ones night after night. To mix up this rountine, I recently discovered Sproutkina new way to receive new children's books through a monthly book subscription service for kids.

Designed for kids 3-6, Sproukin is an easy way to expose kids to a range of picture books while maintaining your sanity, your schedule, your shelf space, and saving you money. How it works is simple - you sign up and then receive a kit with 10 books! This includes a list of books that have been carefully selected for your child's age that you can read at your leisurewith one Sproutkin box per month, or four Sproutkin boxes per month! To encourage conversation each Sproutkit contains a Sproutcard so that you can help your child get the most out of the books. The Sproutcard will guide you to initiate discussions about the books and provide activity suggestions based on the stories and characters. You can then either keep the books (for 10% off retail price) or return them. Each kit comes with a prepaid postage label where you simply have to send it off to receive your new book.

While testing out this service I loved that the books came directly to our house, and based on the age range I gave them they were able to select an array of books that were perfect for my girls. There were only two books that we read before where we all loved the experience of exploring new books like Walter, the Farting Dog and Molly Lou Melon that my daughter adores. While I love going to the library and bookstores, I also really appreciate the convenience and educational aspects of this service that is focused on "reading, dreaming and growing."

Please visit www.sproutkin.com for more info.

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