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Champion: Sports Bras That Deliver Function & Style

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Working out is a priority for many moms. Champion gives them the support they need. While a great jogging bra can't get you out of bed in the morning and force you to do a 5-mile run, it can make that run more pleasant--that's why for more than a decade it's been our go-to running bra.

I can't even hazard a guess as to how many miles I've logged in these sports basics--thousands? As a dedicated runner I can tell you nothing can compete in this price range. Not only that, the colors and assortment consistently impress me.

Last year I ran the NYC Marathon (4:27 if you are wondering--a speed demon I am not). I picked Champion as the base to keep my breasts supported. I never, NOT ONCE, in the 500+ miles of training had any chaffing, irritation or floppiness. These bars simply perform to the level an athlete needs. The seamless construction looks deceptively simple--but it works. For larger chested women, the Seamless Adjustable Model ($46) is something to consider. These sports bras give the highest level of support for sizes up to a D thanks to well0anchored bands.

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A few months back we got to take a look at the Champion spring assortment at a Hanes brand preview. Fitness buffs have a load of color and print in store. So if you're planning a 5K or a marathon this year, suit up with a bra that's going to make you feel great.

This spring you can wear prints and bright colors and our new favorite--the tie-dye collection. Prices rage from $22 to $46. We bet if you look in your workout drawer it's time to update your bras. Why not add something colorful and supportive that won't let you down? Who knows? Maybe these bras will help you get moving!

Shop the collection at

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We have gotten sports bras from Champion in the past, and they are the only bras we run in.

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