Monitoring Your Fitness Activity with the Sportline Pocket SnapShot Pedometer


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I recently had a visit from my mother's octogenarian friend, who told me all about how she wears a pedometer every day to make sure she gets her doctor-recommended 5,000 steps.

Of course, I instantly needed to know how many steps this busy mom (that would be me) walked, chased, jumped and dashed each day.

I was overjoyed when my Sportline SnapShot Pedometer ($29.99) arrived so I could get right to counting. I will admit it was not as easy to set-up the pedometer as I had hoped, and while I will take at least half the blame for this as I am not particularly adept at these sorts of projects, there is no changing the fact that to use the pedometer you must first measure your gait, and then do some math calculations before you're ready to get moving and counting.

When I finally had the pedometer ready to go, I went to pick-up my kids from school and get my first walk count. A respectable 1,000 steps. I kept the pedometer in my pocket for the rest of the afternoon, and when I would sometimes do a check of my actual steps and a check of the pedometer's reading, there was some variation. Overall, though, I think it gives a good general estimate of the steps walked, and if you're looking to reach a goal of a certain number of steps each day, the SnapShot pedometer would be a great tool in keeping you motivated.

I easily walk 5,000 steps a day, which was good to learn. With advanced digital technology, the SnapShot pedometer can just be put in your pocket, which makes it really easy to use. Functionality includes counting steps, measuring distance, calculating calories burned, and tracking time spent moving each day.

Anna Sandler is a contributor to Momtrends and writes a personal blog about life with three kids in scenic New Jersey at

Anna received a Pocket SnapShot pedometer to review, but it did not influence her opinions.

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