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Special K New Year's Weigh-In

weigh in

I kicked off the New Year at Grand Central Station in NYC with a special Weigh-In sponsored by Special K. Nope women weren't reluctantly being dragged on a scale for a dose of guilt. Instead, this feel-good campaign was about giving women tools and inspiration to make 2012 the best and healthiest year yet.

This New Year'??s resolution season, Special K brand is encouraging women to help make the conversation about losing weight more positive. Yes, there was a large scale at the event. But rather than focusing on the numbers on the scale, the Special K brand wants women to imagine what they will gain emotionally when they achieve their goal.

As part of its commitment to change the conversation about weight loss, the Special K brand is invited New York City and Los Angeles-area women to step up on a larger-than-life scale that surprised visitors with an inspirational word or phrase related to the emotional benefit of achieving a goal '?? instead of one'??s weight in pounds. I got "pizzazz" when I stepped on--got to love that!

words of inspiration

The event asked women to take stock and ponder, "What will you gain when you lose?" For moms that are carrying around extra weight it may be the energy to chase kids or perhaps it's the chance to slip into a favorite dress that no-longer fits. For me, it's about maintaining a healthy weight and the energy to keep up with all the demands of my day.

'??As 2012 rings in, we all know people all over the world will be making New Year'??s resolutions to lose weight,'? says Yuvraj Arora, Kellogg Company senior director of Special K. '??We hope that we can use this resolution moment to help women focus on the positive gains and feelings of accomplishment they foresee in the New Year.'?

In conjunction with the event, Special K released a new survey that reveals "What Inspires and Tires Women." To learn more about the feelings women have about weight loss, the Special K® brand commissioned a national survey among women ages 25-54. Here are some of the interesting findings:

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The top 3 emotional benefits women hope to achieve when they accomplish their weight loss goals:

Happiness (79%), confidence (75%) and a sense of achievement (74%)

Women don'??t look forward to stepping up to the scale.

63% of women own a scale but 44% dread weighing themselves and 29% avoid the scale all together

Forgotten Fashion Favorites Lure Women to Launch Weight Management Missions

Those surveyed said that fitting into their old clothes (86%) inspires them to lose weight, followed by wanting healthier eating habits (74%) and living a more active lifestyle (67%)

For the first time since the Special K Challenge'?¢ launched in 2003, the Special K brand has updated the site to allow women to customize a free weight-management plan just for their unique lifestyle, needs and goals. Check out the tracking tools, peer inspiration and motivation that might just make it the partner you need to be healthier than ever this year.

The Special K Challenge involves replacing 2 meals a day with any delicious variety of: Special K® Cereal, Protein Shakes or Protein Meal Bars. You can fill up on fruit and veggies whenever you want and drink all the beverages you normally do. The average weight loss it 4.8 lbs in 2 weeks. Take the challenge here.

At the event, I also got a look at the Special K App. It provides menus, shopping lists and more. And it's not just for weight-loss, there's even a maintenance tab on the app. The Special K plans are also customizable to women'??s lifestyles. There are on-the-go options for busy lifestyles and adventurous recipes for '??foodies,'? plus vegetarian recipes. After selecting their meal plan and activity level, women are given a personalized Special K plan that is unique to their needs and goals. Women can easily track their progress online via their mobile device.


For more information, visit the Special K Facebook page or Check out the free SpecialK App for iPhone and Android.

This is a sponsored post.

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