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As a mom it is impossible to make my way to a spa or salon frequently (ok, really if ever), so I was thrilled when I had the chance to test out a line of products from the brand new Completely Bare line. Created by Cindy Barshop, founder and owner ofcompletely bare hi-tech spas and former Real Housewife of NYC, the new products are designed to offer women pain-free waxing, as well as pre and post hair removal solutions within the comfort of your home.

The includes products such as the 'Not Feeling it Numbing and Cooling Spray,' 'Hypo Allergenic Wax Strips for Face, Bikini, Body,' 'Salon Quality Face & Other Sensitive Areas,' 'Bikini Bump Blaster,' and 'Don't Grow There Body Balm.' I loved the playful and light names that instantly connect the consumer to what the product is all about as well as the vivid packaging complete with bold blue tones and a character.

Since they are sold at CVS all of the products are reasonabily-priced and offer consumers an easy way to achieve salon quality results at home. I tested out the Hypo Allergenic Wax Strips for Face, Bikini, Body that was a no-heat solution for hair removal. These hypo-allergenic wax strips are custom shaped for all body parts and offer minimal bumps & irritation. I loved how easy it was to place on various areas (legs, underarms, lip, chin and eyebrows, etc) and how quickly hair was removed in one quick pull. I also loved how their are various sizes of stripes for various types of hair so you can enjoy a multi-functional kit for all of your hair removal needs. The kit also comes with cooling towelettes and can then be used with the Not Feeling it Numbing and Cooling Spray to calm and soothe the skin.

With the holidays coming, this kit is designed to make it easier for moms to achieve salon-quality waxing services without having to go as far as your local CVS.

For more information about completely bare's new at home wax kits, check out the video:

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