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Sound Beginnings Review

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It is said that as early as 20 months a baby can hear sounds around them or their mothers voice and by the third trimester their hearing is intact. Some studies conclude that playing soothing music and talking allows a baby to bond and connect with their mother as well as feel calm in the womb. Although we can'??t say whether this is true or not, Sound Beginnings, a Brooklyn-based company, created a comfortable device that connects music to a baby through an MP3 player and a digital recording of a mother'??s voice to facilitate the bonding process. I recently had the opportunity to test out this technological bonding device and can even report on some increased kicks during the trial of Sound Beginnings.

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The first thing I loved was how simple and easy-to-use the device was: there was no assembly or disassembly; the device doesn'??t require any batteries and the fabric (including the mini speakers) are all 100% machine washable (on a gentle cycle). The product design itself was also very simple; it is essentially a durable black band (the company also offers a white or nude-colored band) that wrapped around my growing belly and a slit in the front where my MP3 player sat so that I could play music for my baby throughout the day. The device also has a plug-in where you can listen to the music along with your baby. Not sure what to expect, I inserted my iPod and listened to some of my music (no Mozart'?¦for now) where after a few minutes my baby started to kick '?? but not just a few kicks (which is what I have been experiencing) but several in a row (was my baby dancing?). If you don'??t listen along with your baby, your MP3 player simply rests in the devices pouch and you wouldn'??t be able to hear anything '?? this is because the device does not have ambient speakers (where everyone can hear) but rather, are designed specifically for the baby. I was then worried that the device was too loud, but according to Sound Beginnings '??the products speakers are designed to keep total sound output to a level that is safe for baby.'? (This also may be something to check with your doctor before using the device.)

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I then tried the voice recording option (all new accounts receive five minutes of a voice recording) where my baby listened to a greeting of me staying '??hi, can'??t wait to meet you'? '??I love you,'? etc. This message was then downloaded to iTunes and then installed on my IPod. I noticed some more kicking but I can never know if it was because my baby was naturally starting to move around more or it was because of the sound of my voice or my music. It'??s an interesting idea '?? to bond with your baby through music and your voice - and something worth researching and investigating for your pregnancy.

You can buySound Beginnings on Amazon ($49.95) To learn more about Sound Beginnings, please visit:

The company also recommends that pregnant women should only use the device during their third trimester or approximately at 30 weeks (when their hearing is the best). It is also said to assist moms and doulas in turning breech babies. But please, check with your doctor before using this device or refer to Sound Beginnings for any additional questions.

Serena Norr is a NYC-based writer/editor, soup-maker, and more importantly, a mama. You can read more soup recipes on her blog:

Momtrends was not paid for this post, we did get a sample model.

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