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Napping is vital for kids - not to mention a nice break for us moms. Sometimes, though, sleep doesn't always happen in a crib or bed where a stroller ends up functioning as way that your kids get some shut eye on-the-go. My daughter's have had many sleeping adventures outside where I have relied on lowering the hood of their stroller or using a blanket to cover their eyes from the sun, wind and rain. Sometimes these tools work - other time they easily wake up from the bright sun or not being able to get comfortable outside. I recently had the chance to test out a solution to help children nap on-the-go with the Snooze Shade Plus, a dual-purpose sleep aid and sun shade.


Developed by Cara Sayer, mompreneur from the U.K., the Snooze Shade Plus allows kids and babies to both see out (when they are awake), be protected from the sun and rest comfortably. On a recent trip to the city, I tested out the Snooze Shade with my toddler - who insists she isn't tired at home but easily falls asleep in her stroller. After a busy day, I noticed she was drifting in the stroller and I placed the Snooze Shade over our umbrella stroller. The lightweight and breathable shade easily went over the stroller and instantly made the stroller dark with its blackout panel while also providing her with protection from the sun's harsh rays. As I was walking around the city, I loved that the shade covered her entire body and protected her from the outdoor elements (bugs, wind, etc) while allowing her to sleep soundly and peacefully. Despite the busyness and loudness of NYC, she took an unheard of two-hour nap thanks to the Snooze Shade that created a cozy and safe environment for her to rest and relax in.

After she woke, I left the shade on for a bit to keep her protected from the UV rays of the sun. I unzipped the blackout panel so that she would be in the single-layer '??lookout' window. According to the company, this layer "blocks 80% of UV rays (rated UPF5) allowing children to see out to enjoy their surroundings." Although I only used it when we were out and about, I was really excited at the potential of uses for the shade - I could use it in a restaurant if she was tired or on vacation or even during the brutal winter. According to the company, it can even be used as a mosquito, cat or inset net!

Since days don't always follow specific nap routines at home, it's great to have functional and versatile product like the Snooze Shade Plus that focus on maintaining a nap scedule, protecting kids from the sun and making life a easier for parents.

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