Slather Away Dead Skin with the O Mega Body Buff


Lets face it; our bodies change after we have kids. Of course, I love my kids and the joy that they bring into my life but what I don't love how my skin can sometimes look lackluster and quite frankly dull and tired. To take refuge and treat my skin, I love using body scrubs to slather away the dead skin cells and (temporarily) revive my sensitive skin. I recently had the chance to try such a solution with the O Mega Body Buff by Mama Mio, a skincare company founded by beauty experts.

On a rare moment of quite time, I used the O Mega Body Buff on my dry skin before taking a shower. The first I noticed was the rich smell that I learned was a combination of almond oil, Aloe Vera, and chamomile that is all designed to nourish the skin and increase the growth of new skin cells. I loved the gentle mirco-ground pumice beads in the buffer that made my skin feel soft and moisturized. It was an incredible exfoliation that you could instantly feel working (the company says in about 3 minutes) without having to put too much on. After its application, I rinsed it off in the shower and I was amazed by how soft and smooth by skin felt. I instantly felt like I had indulged in trip to a spa without actually leaving my house. I also used this mini massage-in-a-bottle on my wet face and I felt revitalized as I scrubbed away dead cells while it was also calmed and treating my skin. I was really shocked at how gentle and soft my skin felt - since I was used to pumice scrubs that weren't so kind to my kind and definitely less effective.

Mamma Mio suggests that the product should be applied twice in the week and then once a week thereafter - promoising that you will be "hooked." After a few applications, I can definitely say that I am a proud and addicted user of O Body Buff and my skin hasn't felt or looked this good in years.

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