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Willais not your typical skincare line. Let's talk marketing. Last month we offered you a review of this amazing new line for girls.This month we're sharing a photo shoot from the line. Notice what's missing? I'll tell you what's missing--scantily clad teens trying to look older and sexier. The Willa photo shoot was a total family affair. In the refreshingly cute shoot, Willa and her friends and cousins played the role of models. The whole shoot was centered on friends and creativity. Let's check out the results.

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My daughter just turned 7. She's becoming more and more aware of advertising. I'm doing everything I can to provide positive role models. Brands like Willa go a long way to help. But it's not all about beauty products. It's also about making our girls feel strong and confident. This week we shared a special time together that I hope inspired her as much as it touched me.

After my daughter's last swim meet, I encouraged my girl to swim out to the far pier and go for a jump off the high dive. She's seen the "big kids" going off it for weeks. And she'd been talking about the dive non-stop. Well, her swimming has gotten to a point that I thought she'd be fine. The two of us swam side by side to the far pier. She joined the gaggle of tween and teens in her tiny little black racing suit. She shuffled through the line until she hit the front. No looking back, she climbed to the top and made the leap. Complete joy and confidence. Score one for the girls. Perfectly in line with what Willa's all about.

I like the fact that this line was inspired by a special girl and designed for all our special girls. Willa products reject the chemicals, petroleum resides and dyes that are found in so many other skincare products. The line consists of 17 product and is available in select Target locations, and


CONTEST ALERT: We also wanted to tell you about the Willa Facebook contest. Using the photoshoot images as inspiration, Willa is asking WillaGirls to create their own Willa inspired piece of art. Fans can upload a photo of their masterpiece for the chance to win a Willa summer prize pack! Hurry contest ends on July 25th. Head here to enter

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