Ski Vacations for the Family

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We'll been up and down the slopes in search of the best family ski vacations. Since 'tis the season to start booking ski getaways, we're sharing a list of our Top 3 favorite family-friendly spots with links to our recaps. If you've never considered taking your family on a ski break, here's our advice: DO IT!


Keystone, CT/ Breckenridge, CT

Limitless trail options and stylish dining make this the choice for hip families. The kid's instruction is awesome (they will groan when getting picked up) and the on-mountain lodging is chic. Got a big budget? Try One Ski Hill. Want a European Village Feel? We love Keystone.


Lake Placid, NY

While we visited in the summer, we got a great feel for the staff and town. Family friendly and packed with activities, even non-skiers will love the White Face Lodge. The skiing can't compare with out West, but this lodge is a wonderful place to create memories.

WF lodge

Solitude, Utah

For three consecutive years (2007-2009) the family Momtrends headed west to a condo in Solitude. Our two young daughters learned to ski here and the instructors are exceptional. If you abhor crowds and a scene this is the spot for you.


Ski vacations are active, help kids commune with nature and even a bit romantic for the adults involved. If you pick one of the destinations we've reviewed we bet you're going to have a merry season. Try an active vacation this year and carve out some memories.

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